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  • Desperately missing all your essential beauty providers?

    Having a hard time finding space in your busy schedule to make your beauty appointements?


    This kit has you covered for collagen filling, lip plumping, micopolishing masking exfoliation, lash/brow enhancing, hydrating, anti-aging.



    • Lip Plump & Protect for full, juicy lips that look like they were filled
    • Injection Perfection - the closest thing to fillers in a bottle. It delivers equivalent results to one injection of collagen filler in just two weeks of regular use by reactiviting collegan and elastin synthesis. Great for around the eyes, 11's and other fine lines
    • Detoxifying Micropolish is an at home bi weekly treatment product that delivers a soothing wave of heat as it removes dry, dead skin cells, excess oils & residue to reveal healthier, younger looking skin
    • Omega Lash Factor is clinically proven to support lashes in growing longer, thicker, darker and wider. It is also used to fill in eyebrow hair growth for fuller, more even looking brows. Patients agree that improvement is seen in as little as 30 days
    • Power Moisturizer known as "beauty sleep in a jar" contains stem cells, peptides, resveretrol, caffiene, humectants, and more to achive deeply nourished and youthful skin


    Get your beauty on point in the comfort of your own home with the potent effecacy of medical grade products. Save $$ on professional treatments and emerge enhanced and improved.

    Beauty Boss Kit

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