• A ritual implies purpose and intention, focus and reverence. There’s pleasure in a ritual, with an element of magic. This beauty ritual is designed as nurturing self care practice full of intentional anchors for cultivating inner and outer peace, rejuvenation, and wellness.Translating a sensory experience into clarity, brightness, and vibrance. A luminescent quality of aliveness to bring about renewal and radiance. 


    With results similar to in an in-office treatment in the comfort of your own home, here’s what you can expect from the Rejuvenation Ritual Kit:


    • Detox and exfoliation elements to brighten your skin

    • Deep hydration to improve smoothness & vibrancy

    • Clarifying actives to clear congestion

    • Nourishing anti-oxidants and stems cells for optimum anti-aging (softening fine lines and wrinkles)

    • Mindfully-crafted, activated, sensory anchor points to bring a deep level of potency to your regenerative self care experience

    • Self care essentials you can use again and again


    It contains enough travel-size products to complete 3 or more treatments based on usage. Instructions for your rejuvenation ritual are included along with:


    • Papaya Enzyme Cleanser

    • Micronutrient Mist

    • Warming Detoxifying Micropolish in reusable glass bamboo jar

    • Revitalizing Mask in reusable glass bamboo jar

    • Injection Perfection Serum

    • Growth Factor Daily Transform Crème

    • Silicone Face Mask Brush Beauty Tool

    • Microfiber Bowtie Spa Headband

    • The Lotus Mother Hand Poured Soy Candle Activated with Organic Essential Oils Eucalyptus, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Bergamot and Inspired Mantra for Rejuvenation

    • Gemstone-Infused Bath Soak 

      • Epsom salt

      • Mineral salts

      • Elope dilute power for Mood Balancing, Anti-Grief, Ease of Pain and Anxiety, Promotes joy

      • Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz for Grounding, Opening heart center, and Connection

      • Hematite for Grounding and Energetic Field Balancing

      • Copper for Immune Building & Pain Relief

      • Organic oil blend is lavender, black spruce, blue tansy, frankincense, geranium, lime, cedar wood, vanilla, ylang ylang, and vetiver

      • Intentionally hand-crafted, meditated on, and activated in the light of the full moon. The maker’s wish is for you to nourish yourself with the therapeutic remedies and allow the energies to heal and rejuvenate you! 

    • Special Surprises :)

    Rejuvenation Ritual Kit