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These easy to use pads correct imperfections to deliver a smooth and radiant complexion.


5% Glycolic Acid

5% Lactic Acid

2% Salicylic Acid


  • Delivers a gentle, micro-peel to exfoliate and correct problematic acne and prevent future breakouts

  • Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acid complexes promote exfoliation of dead surface cells resulting in enhanced cellular renewal

  • Penetrates deep into pores to regulate sebum production and inhibit acne bacterial growth from within


These pre-soaked pads exfoliate and unclog pores, address breakouts and prevent future breakouts, resulting in cleaner, clearer and blemish-free skin. Skin is smoother, with less lines and wrinkles.


Perfect for acne, pigment, or anti-aging regemins. 


Use a couple times a week up to once a day depending on your skin's thickness and resilience

Micro Peel Pads

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